QTX QR PABT Battery Powered Portable PA Speaker Series | Overview

Posted by Oli - Audio Expert at Music Gear Direct on 7th Apr 2023

QTX QR PABT Battery Powered Portable PA Speaker Series | Overview

QTX QR PABT Battery Powered Portable PA Speaker Series

The QTX QRPABT speakers are self-contained, lightweight, portable PA units with built-in amplifiers and features that operate from mains or internal rechargeable batteries.

QTX QR PABT Portable PA System Speakers

What models are in the QR PABT Series?

For the QR PABT Series, QTX offers the industry standard speaker size lineup. There's the 8-inch QR8PABT, 10-inch QR10PABT, 12-inch QR12PABT and the 15-inch QR15PABT.

What features does the QR PABT Series offer?

The QR PABT Series provides a specific range of features that cater particularly well for fitness instructors, mobile karaoke and mobile artists.

Build and Design

Firstly, on the surface of the QR PABT series, you'll see the first feature. Each speaker in the QR PABT series implements a retractable trolley handle and rear wheels. Therefore, this provides a solution to accessible mobility.

With regards to the build of the speaker cabinet, QTX has chosen ABS plastic. ABS plastic is typical for speaker units of this level, as it's lightweight and low-cost. Yet, it also offers structural toughness that protects the internal components. On the QR12PABT and the QR15PABT, the side of the speaker cabinet has a carrying handle too.

Media Player

There's a dedicated media player in the mixer/amp section of the QRPABT speaker systems. This media player grants the connection of a Bluetooth-compatible device to the speaker for wireless audio playback. As well as this, the media player also has a record function and integral USB and SD inputs.

Built-In Mixer

The QRPABT series features a mixer section. You can connect instruments or wired microphones to the mixer via the 1/4-inch jack inputs. In addition, there's a 3.5mm AUX input and a phono/RCA jack input.

The Mixer section has controls for various parameters. First of all, there are two volume controls. Adjusting the Mic Volume will alter the volume of the 1/4-inch jack Microphone inputs, whilst the second volume knob will control the overall output of the PA speaker. There's an Echo knob which will manipulate an echo effect. With the echo knob towards the left, the effect unit will produce small, short amounts of echo. With the knob towards the right, the effect unit will generate more echo. This control can be effective when using the system in different environments. In a small room, more echo can provide more atmosphere. In larger rooms, blending in less echo will provide better clarity as the sound travels around the room. Next to the Echo knob, there are independent Bass and Treble knobs. Adjusting these will shape equalisation and change the sound of the mix.

QTX QRPABT Onboard Mixer

Onboard Wireless Microphone System

An advantage of the QRPABT series is that the units come with handheld wireless handheld microphones and an onboard wireless microphone receiver. The QR8PABT and the QR10PABT come with one wireless microphone, while the QR12PABT and the QR15PABT come with two wireless microphones. On systems with two microphones, you can use both wireless microphones simultaneously, thanks to the dual-channel receiver. Each microphone has a dedicated volume control, labelled Volume A and B. In addition, optional VHF neckband microphones are available.

Photo of QTX QR15PABT Portable PA system

Voice Control Volume

This handy feature is essentially a ducker. So, with the VCV feature enabled, speaking into a microphone will silence or 'duck' any audio playback. Therefore, the VCV feature is particularly convenient for fitness classes, DJs, Fairgrounds, and event shows.

Battery Power

As mentioned, QTX intends for the QRPABT speakers to be portable. As a result, each system has a rechargeable battery allowing you the freedom to roam. To recharge the batteries, all you have to do is plug the speaker into a mains outlet. The battery status indicator will let you know the level of charge that the battery is holding.

How long does the battery last?

The onboard battery can last up to 8 hours. However, it won't last 8 hours if the system is at louder volumes. In other words, the louder the system, the harder the battery works.

How powerful are the QRPABT Speakers?

Consistency is key, as they say. So, each model in the QRPABT range has a maximum output of 100 watts. That's 50w on the main driver and 50w on the compression driver.

QTX Portable PA system Accessories

QTX provide various accessories for their portable PA systems.


Protect the PA speaker with a QTX slip on cover. Available in 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch sizes. Click here to check out the QTX covers.

QTX Slip On Covers


The wireless microphones that are supplied with the portable QR and QX PA systems are available to purchase independently. Click here to check out the wireless microphones.

QTX QR and QX Wireless MicrophoneHeadsets

QTX offer a headset microphone with the beltpack transmitter as an alternative or replacement for QTX portable PA units. This Model is designed to work with the QR and QXPA on VHF 174.1MHz. Click here to check out the headset and belt pack.

QTX Headset and Beltpack for QX and QR PA systems

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